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Random Rants #3

I’ve been a discovery channel fan .. Well probably since my dad installed astro. Some of the documentary/shows I really like to watch including Deathliest Catch, How Stuff Work, Man vs Wild, Mythbuster, and well alot more. The thing about discovery channel I really like is the commercial.

Before this they had this clip with the theme “The world is just awesome”

And now they have this new “Live Curious” theme, which is very nice! Discovery channel’s commercial is always breath taking!

**** Rants ****

– Finally I’m almost done with the job remaining in Alor Star and heading back to KL next sunday!

– It’s now time to seriously work hard and get better!

– Oh before that I’m going to Singapore on August 1 and I just accepted 1 job on July 31st. Then only now I realized I’m going to Singapore… So I reject it.. yet again. Image  -10.

– Ah, it’s time to journey to a circle of new friends, new environment, and, everything new. =/

– And I miss college and friends so much

– Good bye!