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Band Competition : Day 2

I’m effin tired today!

Let me tell you how the production schedule looks like (which never exist, anyway)

We’re suppose to start from 9am to 6pm.

So here’s what they do :

8-9am : Everyone start coming and set up

9-10am : Make up, dress up

11am : Start to rehearse

11am – 12pm : 1 episode, intro shoot

12pm – 1pm : Realized that they have limited time for five (5) episode to shoot today, they start to hurry up a little bit. Just a little bit

12pm – 3pm : Finish one and a half episode , slowly, taking their own sweet time

3pm – 3:45pm : Lunch break

3:45 pm – 5pm : Continue shooting, hurry up even more

5pm – 5:30pm : Knowing that they need to more time, started shouting and started to rush thing up to normal speed i expect them to shoot like

5:30pm – 6:00pm : even faster

6:00pm : Ask for permission to go on longer (suppose to leave now, and they will continue shooting if we didnt stop them)

6:15pm : Get the permission, and 2 hour limit.


Why can’t they just ..

work faster and more efficient?

Spoil my mood to blog.. a lot to talk about ..


Not very happy because missed mr vinay’s farewell dinner,


Band Competition : Day 1

So I was called by my college, to supervise the shooting of this upcoming TV Program called 1 Band 1 Malaysia, which is going to be aired on RTM. I took this job as the pay was considered good and to get myself busy (as I’m still, up till this moment, jobless).

I was asked to just provide system support and to deal with the engineer if they need any extra equipment or help.

Day 0, which is the set up day, I went there to check out the props team set up the stage, which I’m actually impressed by what they came out with! New backdrop, new stage floor, everything was so efficient. That’s not my main concern tho, my concern of course, is the sound system. The ‘engineer’ never show up (they suppose to have their own engineer) and the last time I spoke the the Production Manager, he said they actually have no engineer and asked if I could help.

I would love to, actually. I agreed and set up the drum set and guitar amps, but still not knowing what will happen next. Note that this is still Day 0, which actually is yesterday.

So of course I set myself a target, and I do expect something from that, before everything begun, I expect

  • Stressful environment, everyone rushing, director and producer shouting everywhere
  • Recording engineer shouting at me asking for more levels
  • Someone might just walk pass and just throw eggs at me saying what a bad mix it was

Well, might as well expect the bad as, well, it’s a TV production, I expect something very professional from them.

It turn out to be..

The other way round. The recording engineer? Instead of getting every single channels direct out from me, he asked for my Master Output, and, they only ask for Mono.

For you who don’t know, normal recording (even in ICOM Friday performance) , the engineer will record every single channel separately, for eg, we’ll record kick drum, snare, guitar, bass , etc separately so that we could mix better for the recording. Taking a master output meaning just taking whatever being mixed from the board. What if .. you would like to work on, let’s just say the guitar alone? Sorry, you can’t

So indirectly, it basically means that whatever I mix, it will end up in RTM. (Well of course they’ll have post production, maybe someone will master the mix, MAYBE, I don’t know because they’re actually recording to tapes. video tapes. I’m effin serious)

Putting that aside (maybe I’m asking for too much), the whole production team is very nice to work with! Nice, funny, humble people !

Day 1

Check out the stuff I’m gonna mix yo! Most of them I don’t even heard of it..

Today’s progress seems slow, they’re suppose to shoot 4 episode a day, and they only managed to shoot 3, and it’s working over time. We’re suppose to work from 9am-6pm, somehow today the show dragged till 9pm.

Anyway the mix was fine, nothing much as the source (err..) is.. (err..) . It’s up to your imagination how you want to fill up that (err). I like sapir tho!

The sound was so unique, and the tone is nice ! I hope I took picture tho.. Actually I did.. But i’m lazy.

I’m dead tired. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow..

Tribute to U2 Concert : General Overview

Finally tribute is over ! Well actually finally college is over, tribute is done long time ago. I’m done with all the assignments, exam, and it’s time to go out and shine. I finally decide to write a new category called “Concerts & Events” and what’s inside ? Well obviously it’s all about sound geek, everything I know about setting up, hooking, interconnecting, mixing a live event and concerts & events that I’ve attended or mixed !

I hope to cover more when I learn more in the future. So to mark the start of this category, I’ll write an overview about Tribute to U2 concert.

ICOM organize a tribute concert every semester to a particular musician or band they choose every semester to pay tribute to their music and to allow student to have a platform to learn about their music and put off a show for the public. Well of course it also allow us, the production student get to involve with the production department.

I’m automatically called on board the production team as I joined the previous tribute concert, where they pay tribute to the late king of pop – Michael Jackson. Miqi was called to be the FOH engineer and she’s also the Technical Director. I am the crew chief and the system engineer for this concert and I would have to work very closely with Miqi to ensure the show and sound checks run smoothly. The very first task we got turned out to be the hardest part for the whole concert (at least to me) – searching the right crew.

When we started to look for crew, only a few person came across my mind, one of them is Kenny, who I’m very unsure of doing the job well (but in the end doing a great job!) and Marcel. Knowing Marcel, I always knew that if I were to assign task to him he would complete it well and when I first speak to him about joining the production team, he said no as he’s involved with work outside. Only few days before we start the first few soundcheck, he took my offer and I am seriously relieved knowing that my team is sufficient to run the show.

And well that is nothing like outside world, looking for crew and all, but at least I get to train my leadership, to train and to handle a team together. I guess a team of two is fine to start with, no ? 😛

So, all aboard now ! Let’s see who we have :

(top L – R : Nilesh, Yee Ven, Lee, Kenny, Me , Sam, Daniel)
(bottom L – R : Omar, Adrienne, Marcel, Miqi, Shan, Dean)

Miqi – Technical Director / FOH

Shaowei – Crew Chief / System Design

Marcel , Kenny – Stage Tech

Dean , Dan – Guitar Tech

Omar – Drum Tech

Yee Ven – Recording Engineer

Samantha – Backstage Manager

Adrienne , Shan – Lightning Engineer

It’s quite a large team compared to the previous tribute concert, but so far it’s the best team I’ve worked with. Please bear in mind that all of us were students and non of us was paid a single cent, well I hope to most of us it doesn’t really matter getting to do what you really enjoy and like ( at least I really enjoyed ).

When we get the whole team ready, the first thing I did with Miqi was to plan a production schedule to ensure we’re doing work according to schedule, including set up to sound check, to tear down, which in the end we actually made some changes last minute. Anyway that I will get to that in other post which will include detailed system set up.

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