Let’s face it

Been thinking a lot about death lately. Hey FYI this is not about the emo blogger okay? The stories I heard lately, it’s all about death. Maybe it’s because we’re all grown up now and it’s time for us to realize this sad in life?

Let’s face it, sooner or later, we will all eventually, die. Sooner or later, the person you the love will leave us, this is, a part of life. Let’s face it. Yet, we can’t do anything to it, if you believe like how I believe, you’ll know that it’s all destiny. We can’t prevent anything from happening. Right? So what can we do, you ask? That is the question with no answer until lately, I realize. The word is treasure. If we can’t do anything, the only thing that we can do is, treasure every moment! And this my friend, is a lot more easier than it might sound.

I have a very annoying grandpa. I don’t like him. In fact, I used to hate him. Why? Well it’s a family matters so I don’t want to disclose it here. But hey, now that I’m a grown up, I start to understand more. I still don’t like the way he deal with stuff, yes, I still disagree with his thinking, but, hey, no matter what, he’s still my grandpa. What have gotten me into this lately?

My uncle got diagnosed with first stage nose cancer few months back. He was very very lucky to detect that early and still have time to cure. In fact now, he finished all the treatment and now a healthy man 🙂 Only with a few side effect such as tasteless food (but he says its coming back slowly).

And then my dad’s babysitter. The one who cared about our family even until today. Not today tho, she passed away few weeks ago due to A STUPID DOCTOR in a private hospital called PMC (Pergi Mati Cepat). I still remember what me and my friends used to joke about when we’re in secondary school. We said that PMC stands for pergi mati cepat. It’s freaking true. Check out the website if you want to : http://www.putramedicentre.com.my/

The story goes like this.

She met an accident, not a major one, but she still admitted in ICU. After a few operations, there’s this doctor claimed that she’s alright now, and transfer her back to the NORMAL WAD. When she’s in the normal wad, she keeps complaining how painful is the stomach and she asks to switch to another hospital. I can’t remember what reason was that, but the family members says they will transfer her to another hospital in Penang and see they can find out what’s wrong.

But they’re too late.

She died in a NORMAL WAD! The stupid doctor claimed that it’s because of the heart problem. But wtf, she have no heart problem. So they open her up (I forget what’s the term call, duh) and they found out that, (something is wrong with the stomach, again, I forget what’s the term called) and, a operation can save her live.  LIKE WTF??

It’s seriously like, Pergi Mati Cepat.

However, that’s not my main point here.

Because that’s how life is. We’ll never know what we gonna get.

Whatever that happened, it’s meant to be. We can’t do anything much about it. When problems come, instead of crying/sobbing/whining about it, do something. solve the problem. Because Life is 5% what happens and 95% how you react!

And I do believe that, every tomorrow is a better day.



I’m not emo


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