Life Update #1

Hello! It’s been awhile since I update this blog, so I think it might be good to update this with what’s happening with my life now. Anyway like anyone care. Well what I have to say so far is, life’s should be good so far.

By the way, do you like my new theme? Nice leh! Haha. Say say say you like it please?

Oh ya! Worked for an India telecommunication company called iDea’s company conference.

The Midas Venice

The famous and awesome L-Acoustic dV-DOSC in action

All of the wireless microphone are in use!

Work was great, but it was tiring. Got called the day before.

“Would you like to come? it’s at Prince Hotel and you can come tonight at 12am. We’ll be setting up for the whole night”

So I went and, yes, everything that he said is true, we really set up for the whole night (it’s normal I guess)

We set up from 12am to 10:30am, and then I get to go back and shower, sleep for 1 hour, feeling so tired physically and mentally, and then off for the event at 1pm again. It was good experience tho !

After that 3 days work I suppose to have another RTM show, but I rejected that and went back hometown, to help out my dad. He have so many projects coming up and luckily I made the right choice. Over here there’s not much experienced worker and most of them do not even know how to set up properly. It’s a government installation project, so I can’t risk it and I’ll have to help my dad out!

That’s why I rejected a few more work coming up for me. I not sure if it’s a good thing, I know, I should have just stay there and just accept all the work that came to me – but hey, I think, helping out my dad is the most important thing I should do, and, chances are always there..

Why am I feeling like “ka ki kong, ka ki song” (meaning say for ownself fun)

ICOM is staring new semester soon! 😦 And I really miss all the fun I had there..

The famous Simon Pose™

The croc, the car, and the sheep 😛

Wow I never knew I’m so childish 😛

Wendy the Pity Pretty & the Toys

Really miss all the fun time! The MML, the people, the dinner after college, the dinner after recording, One Stop Cafe, ahhh, 😦 Well, never mind, life goes on, right? But I still miss the time lah……

And hey !

I’m going to Universal Studio !

It already sounds fun by just saying it, right? Haha. Hope I don’t have any work on August 1 tho.

Hey! Don’t kill Mr. Octopus please. Although I admit that I’m not a football fan, and yes, why do I care eh? Don’t care lah. Haha

Guys, check out Wong Fu Productions! With just 3 guys the stuff that they can do is really.. amazing! See that’s the kind of thing that make me really really wanted to do video… Haha.. Maybe I should start………..

And oh, check out their new web series, “Funemployed” that’s so so nice 🙂

I think lately I’m very outdated, I never watch Karate Kid, A-Team, Toy Story, and whatever. Wah! Who wanna date me for movie? 😦

Don’t know what else to write anymore…

Till next time,


dear blog


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