This is for you, Mr Vinay

If you were to ask me two greatest man in my life, the first one of course would be my dad. The second one, of course, is my (actually our) beloved lecturer, Mr Vinay.

(Me, Mr Vinay, Amanda)

I’m writing this for you, Mr Vinay, the one of the guy who inspired and teach me stuff that I never imagine myself knowing.

Today, 18 Jun 2010 marks the day you leave this country, hopefully for good and I’m sure that the future path you took will all go well for you. I’m so so so so so regret that I never get to meet with you the for the last time but hey, that’s not all that matters, all that matters is that, from the bottom of my heart you’re the one I truly respect and look upon to. Who knows, one day we might meet again, as, you know, we’re still in this small field – it’s a small world !

Mr Vinay,

You’re seriously one of a kind (that also means, get a real wife already!) (p/s : no more rich Indian girl in Macau :P). Not only you taught me what I need to know in audio engineering, you taught me becoming a better person, you taught me how to survive in this industry. I mean, which lecturer do that? It’s truly an honor I would say, or it’s a blessing, that I got such a awesome teacher to teach. I’m lucky that you taught me throughout my 3 semester (1 and a half year) in ICOM. You know what’s the difference between you and others ? It’s your passion to teach ! And I can see that through how much you willing to share what you know with us.

I won’t forget every single stuff you told us.

The last day in class, Mr Vinay, you said that,

  • Everyone is blessed with talents, be in it sharp ears, quick trouble shooting, or everything, all of us is blessed with talents.
  • You told us to work hard, work hard, work hard, and get better with what we do. I can’t counts how many time you mentioned the word “work hard” , and yes, I promised to myself that I’m gonna work hard, work hard and work harder for myself, to get better in what I do best.
  • We all had passion, that’s what all lead us here (International College of Music). And then you asked us what’s our passion. Be it the passion for music, sound engineering, recording, what ever, or even passion to watch pretty girls 😛 You told us to combine the passion which brought us here, with the talent that we all had, and then, yes, again, work hard, work hard and work harder.
  • So what’s left in the last “ingredient” ? It’s commitment. So, talents + work hard + passion + commitment + work harder . That’s what you left me with, I promised that I would never forget that no matter where I end up working.

Everyone, got it?  And that’s not all that you said.

You said that

  • We all yes, have passion, and we all have a lots of stuff we want to do, but life is not like that. From all the passion and all the stuff that we want to do, sort it down, narrow it down, and be good in that particular thing that we choose, I guess that means you don’t want us to be jack of all trades, master of none. Am I right?
  • We all had our strength in some area, and yes, admit that, we all had our weaknesses. You told us to know our own strength, work harder on it, and our weakness? Do not be afraid to see our own weakness. In fact work hard on that ! Yes, it still goes back to work hard.
  • There’s phases in life. We all go thru phases, and to be successful, we have to go there, and what’s the secret to get there? hard work !!
  • Stay humble, be humble !
  • Have fun! I remember the “plan” you said Mr vinay !! I’m 19 this year. 20-30 is the time for me to work hard and get better in what I do. 30-40 should be the time for me to become better and master what I do. 40 – 50 ?  Touch up on what I do, and get really good in what I do. Mr vinay, that sounds like a plan !! Tho I’m gonna marry a girl when I turned 30 😛

I would never forget all that you taught me, and I will, work very hard, I will stay humble, and of course, I will enjoy what I do !

I hope that the next time I meet you, I’m good in what I do and I hit the goal I set for myself, and, I hope that, the next time I meet you, you’re married (ok la at least you have a girl friend) or maybe you already have kids! Hahahaha

You’re awesome.

Thanks, thanks for teaching me, thanks for sharing your knowledge with me, and thanks, for teaching me how to become a better person!

Still trying to get rid of all the words you said to me from my mind,



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