Band Competition : Day 1

So I was called by my college, to supervise the shooting of this upcoming TV Program called 1 Band 1 Malaysia, which is going to be aired on RTM. I took this job as the pay was considered good and to get myself busy (as I’m still, up till this moment, jobless).

I was asked to just provide system support and to deal with the engineer if they need any extra equipment or help.

Day 0, which is the set up day, I went there to check out the props team set up the stage, which I’m actually impressed by what they came out with! New backdrop, new stage floor, everything was so efficient. That’s not my main concern tho, my concern of course, is the sound system. The ‘engineer’ never show up (they suppose to have their own engineer) and the last time I spoke the the Production Manager, he said they actually have no engineer and asked if I could help.

I would love to, actually. I agreed and set up the drum set and guitar amps, but still not knowing what will happen next. Note that this is still Day 0, which actually is yesterday.

So of course I set myself a target, and I do expect something from that, before everything begun, I expect

  • Stressful environment, everyone rushing, director and producer shouting everywhere
  • Recording engineer shouting at me asking for more levels
  • Someone might just walk pass and just throw eggs at me saying what a bad mix it was

Well, might as well expect the bad as, well, it’s a TV production, I expect something very professional from them.

It turn out to be..

The other way round. The recording engineer? Instead of getting every single channels direct out from me, he asked for my Master Output, and, they only ask for Mono.

For you who don’t know, normal recording (even in ICOM Friday performance) , the engineer will record every single channel separately, for eg, we’ll record kick drum, snare, guitar, bass , etc separately so that we could mix better for the recording. Taking a master output meaning just taking whatever being mixed from the board. What if .. you would like to work on, let’s just say the guitar alone? Sorry, you can’t

So indirectly, it basically means that whatever I mix, it will end up in RTM. (Well of course they’ll have post production, maybe someone will master the mix, MAYBE, I don’t know because they’re actually recording to tapes. video tapes. I’m effin serious)

Putting that aside (maybe I’m asking for too much), the whole production team is very nice to work with! Nice, funny, humble people !

Day 1

Check out the stuff I’m gonna mix yo! Most of them I don’t even heard of it..

Today’s progress seems slow, they’re suppose to shoot 4 episode a day, and they only managed to shoot 3, and it’s working over time. We’re suppose to work from 9am-6pm, somehow today the show dragged till 9pm.

Anyway the mix was fine, nothing much as the source (err..) is.. (err..) . It’s up to your imagination how you want to fill up that (err). I like sapir tho!

The sound was so unique, and the tone is nice ! I hope I took picture tho.. Actually I did.. But i’m lazy.

I’m dead tired. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow..


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